Human Resource Management System

Human resources and payroll are a critical component of every business, as well as one of the most complicated. A powerful, integrated payroll and human resources software solution can improve labor productivity and labor efficiencies, as well as help a company control labor related costs – all of which directly contribute to the organization’s bottom line.


It enable a company to efficiently and effectively direct and manage your daily HR functions. From hiring the right staff to analyzing pertinent information, the Human Resource Management gets the job done with minimal effort and maximum control.

Key Benefits of Human Resource Management and Payroll System:

        1. Reduce human resources and payroll monthly costs

        2. Reduce burden on payroll and human resource departments

        3. Create an Applicant from an Employee with a click of a button

        4. Create a new Employee from an Applicant with a click of a button

        5. All information managed in one database eliminates duplicate data entry

        6. Creation of Organizational Charts through integration with Microsoft Visio

        7. Gap analysis available for positions and qualifications

        8. Easily drill down to specific information

   Seamless integration within the other areas of Microsoft Navision HR Management:

  • Payroll and Human Resources
  • Employee Self Service
  • Manager Self Service
  • Communication Tracking

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