Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint Server 2013 provides the most flexible and robust version of SharePoint to date. It provides IT Professionals more control over the infrastructure, and provides an enterprise-class foundation for efficiently handling multiple workloads and when combined with the powerful virtualization technologies in Windows Server 2012,it enables you to increase your server consolidation ratios while reducing the amount of administrative effort required for managing the infrastructure. Through increased automation and improved remote administration, SharePoint Server 2013 helps organizations save money and time by automating repetitive IT tasks.

Enterprise Content Management

ECM has played a central role in Microsoft’s Business Productivity infrastructure.  The promise that SharePoint has delivered over the years has been about bringing ECM to the masses, or bringing organizational content to everyone. 


SharePoint is a platform where all the information can be accessed and managed at a central point of view. Many can access information in form of video, data, audio and many other form. It enables edition of any document in the platform, having being given the permission to do so. With SharePoint, there’s no need to move documents using flash disks, rather all content can be access and dragged to your PC easily.


With share point it is easy to come up with a website for internal or external use for the organization without any coding. One can come up with Team site, for communication and activities or group work site.


SharePoint allows connection of the staff members through social media. As organizations look at becoming more social it’s crucial to think beyond a set of features, and start to understand how social platform help them achieve some of their key business needs; such as keeping employees up-to-date, breaking down silos, increasing reuse of information, documenting tacit knowledge, finding who knows what, making collaborative decisions and getting work done. Social isn’t just about a features, it’s about the ability for users to stay up-to-date with information that they care about, helping people to get to know each other, and sharing information that’s important. Through social, we get connected, share knowledge and work together to achieve the company’s mandate.


SharePoint brings all your content together and present it in a way that makes sense, even creates a dashboard to manage your content.


It is extendable, one you customize to what you want to see and use.


In the latest SharePoint 2013, it contains SharePoint Search and FAST search which enables users to find what they are looking for and get answers to the questions they ask. One can get his data securely, with no leakage to other people. It guarantees data Integrity and Authentication.

Because of IGS’ deep experience deploying SharePoint solutions, we’re able to uniquely position SharePoint as an Application Platform for enterprise applications or departmental workflow automation projects. Our skills stretch across the entire SharePoint platform, from user experience (UX) to content management, e-forms, workflow and Business Intelligence (BI).  We can engage our team’s appropriate resources for your organization’s specific requirements.

IGS offers the full range of SharePoint services, from the planning, design, implementation and operations of SharePoint environments.

Our SharePoint solutions include:

  • Project/Case Management 
  • Extranets 
  • Intranets 
  • Public Facing Internet Sites 
  • Automation and Workflow 
  • Search 
  • Business Intelligence 
  • Data Migration

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