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Your website is a presentation of your company's status and character — IGS will help you improve your image.

IGS delivers exceptional creative services - from award-winning web design to corporate brand development, and naming and slogan creation.
Conceptual Design

IGS's design team are not just "front-end developers." and "template based" designers. They are experienced in marketing, advertising, usability and conceptual design.

Every graphic, media and content element in your website will have a conceptual design and message.
Gain Competitive Advantage

Most of today's websites are designed by programmers, company's' IT departments or inexperienced web designers using template based CMS without any consideration of conceptual design, uniqueness and quality user experience (UX).

IGS's design team will give you an advantage over your competitors with a compelling unique design that provides a powerful and appropriate user experience; an experience that the viewer will remember and want to return for the "wow factor."

IGS sets your website above the others in your industry, because your website will be designed by a team of experienced design, branding and marketing experts.
IGS Offers Experience

  •     Separate design, usability, internet marketing, internet technology, and programming teams.
  •     IGS's design team have experience in branding, marketing, advertising, motion graphics, user interface design (UI), usability and user experience (UX).
  •     IGS will design and deliver for your audience.
  •     IGS will research your competitors and provide you a unique competitive advantage.

IGS's Focus

  1.     Your Image and Brand - IGS will help you improve your image and brand on the web.
  2.     Unique and Compelling - IGS delivers designs that stand out and are memorable.
  3.     Clean and Well Organized - Clean and well organized sites are both helpful and inviting to the user.
  4.     Optimal User Experience - Your clients will easily find your products and services, and more likely will be inspired to take positive      action.
  5.     Designed for Audience - When designs are tailored to accommodate a specific target audience, there will see more positive results.
  6.     Conceptual Design - Every marketing element on your website will have a purpose and message.
  7.     Engaging - IGS designers create engaging websites that capture and retain users.
  8.     Research - IGS researches your competitors and uses the results to deliver the best user experience for your audience, to keep you ahead of the curve and new trends.

    Latest and Greatest - IGS stays ahead of the curve, is aware of new trends, and knows when to use them for a client's advantage and when to move past the temporary buzz.


IGS believes in providing exceptional quality at a great value.

Our strength is based on strong partnerships, honesty and integrity, expert skill levels, good communication, solid teamwork and providing the best value possible for each client.

Our strategic focus is to deliver above and beyond the client's expectations in all engagements.


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