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This section of the website covers the different types of independent advice and guidance we can provide your organization with in regards to information technology issues. Our consultancy team includes experienced I.T. consultants with substantial experience of providing I.T. advice to the professions.


System Design & Strategy

Intergral Group Solutions have a broad breadth of experience in planning coherent strategies for the implementation and regular upgrading of I.T. systems. If expenditure on I.T. systems is to be cost effective it must be planned. Time should be invested in this planning process. Without thought, discussions and advice on the implementation of new technology it is quite possible to spend significant sums of money and end up with a system (or lack of a system) which actually brings new problems and inefficiencies.

With help and advice from the Intergral Group Solutions team you can make sure that you get the most out of what you spend on I.T. systems and ensure that funds for rolling replacement of I.T. equipment are built into future year’s budgets.

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